Colegio María Montessori

M. Montessori Fest Project

Among the number of objectives in staging a play which are profitable for our students ́ learning process, we can mention all those connected to the learning the language, that is, understanding the text, analysing the literary elements, working on the pronunciation and intonation of the English language, vocabulary, etc. However, these language aims are fully realized and nourished by the carrying out of other capacities and abilities students develop as the project progresses: communication and cooperation, learning to help others and developing teamwork, for instance.

How Was The English Week Born?

Historically our school has carried out the Kinder Fest, the Spring Fest and the Teen Fest in different moments throughout the year. As from 2021, we have decided to bring these three events together in what we call "The English Week” and celebrate the English language achievements with all the community.

Kinder Presents "Happy Birthday"

During this week our Kínder is celebrating the school ´s 20 years . We want to show you our kids´work throughout this period. The Kinder fest is a very special event in which we share how they learn English. The children wil dramatize, sing, dance and speak in a natural way, enjoying this magic moment. We hope you will be delighted by our show, as much as we do.
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Primary presents "20 Years of Reading"

This year, in the context of the 20th anniversary of our school, we have travelled along the numerous plays shared during all these years together. Enjoy...
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Secondary presents "My Fair Lady"

We dedicate this 2021 teen fest to Gabriela Denis, who was the first Head to introduce this festival at secondary school in 2015. Gaby turned the students into real actors, singers and musicians putting on stage the challenging classical play “My Fair Lady” with outstanding results. Gaby retired this year leaving us the commitment to continue with such a colossal legacy. Thank you, Gaby!
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